The simple answer why this hollow stem syndrome is happening if from “ non available broad spectrum nutrition” and overdose from salts and chemicals in 98%of today’s hydroponics nutes and additives commonly used by the industry. One indicator is low to slow boron availability which lets you know boron is locked out. Mostly the plant is reeling against this overdose of salts and harsh chemicals and literally shutting out what it truly requires for essential protection properties liken to micro and macro nutrient essentials. Salt (Na) first block the micro essential pathways cutting out calcium first and then chlorides shut out phosphate also effecting all other elements harmonies and uptake of influence. Boron is an element that is precious in plantsap and also effects the BRIXX production in cannabis or fruits. Boron deficiency is examined in agriculture by the plant stems internal development. When there is lack in accessible boron and essential nutrients, the pith does not totally fill into the center of the xylem or in basic the stems center.

This pith is best known to you as bone marrow in a sense. When this center is hollow it interrupts the Internal sugar flow and nutrient production. When you see a hollow stem center you also can be assured your plants are not getting proper mineral vitality to the most precious parts because this is what the xylem does; move nutrition. Enzymes and the zylem work in union. They are small protein units that perform as on site engineers in the cell building structure. They transport raw materials, such as earth minerals, and see to it that they reach the right stem, root, bud, flavor, and so on. Enzymes are like magnets to attract essential cell building materials  iron, nitrogen, boron, and others to join the proper molecules to plant cells along the xylem highway. What isn’t understood to the average or master grower, is that hollowing stems on cannabis is not; normal. It is an absolute sign of, phosphate of boron lockout. With proper nutrition, you can make solid inner core centers as healthy plants do. This is key for peak overall building properties along with strong production signaling plant flower/fruit to hold and build more weight. The proper way to address boron is to not totally focus on boron but the high salt/chloride and chemical elements which deprive the plants of a full spectrum nutrient balance. Chemical toxicity’s will send mixed signals and the plant will try to build defenses against them which uses valuable energies that should be spent on production. Magnetized elemental delivery from proteins, amino acids and only natural sources from non-tainted world practices. We simple believe that nutrition will stop or repair any problematic grow problems; hence by keeping it clean you can keep it mean. Start by looking at our ORGANIC


 PASTE BASE or Start our Lazarus as it is a workhorse for great roots and a super quick way to get you plant stems solid and full of sugars. Happy growing!







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