Getting Started

When getting started most want to buy the cheapest way out or experiment with plant nutrients and or systems made by man do not hold the complete natural God given earth underworld needed for no issue gardening like the methods below. We have tried every medium and type of system out there, while spending the time to be sure each one was perfected. The way and system we use is very specific and deliberate for the best results and returns yet in the industry from taste, aroma, sugar content and density while the Microbeneficials ingredients will make any connoisseur think different about their years of experience and results. They always come and tell us the superiority of the time and blessings distinguished in our lines.

What's truly needed. Beyond the Myths.

Water is the most important element in any garden. You must be able to gauge what your giving your plants. These tools are essential to growing healthy plants or produce providing you the readings needed to grow properly. Having the proper plant soil Ph of 6.4 is the premium for plant metabolism and uptake. All other growing practices are not natural and normally lead to the common diseases and issues you currently face. Anything other than our precious God given EARTH in its unprostituted form will work for your plants. This has been solved by Non tainted NPK resources containing no more chemicals like ammonia from chemicals or harsh salts. We went through all the process providing a RTBI biologically processed alive magnetically ion charged biologic plant food source like nothing else available on any counter on this planet. Ammoniacle ingredients within our products come from naturally occuring alive biology sourses.





Lighting with led provides a lot more colors provided by colored bulb dismemberment across chip board that plants simply love. We have found in our testing against HID to MH that the plants show way more natural growing traits under these lights on our solutions. We got Consistent results on led lighting finding a huge increase in internal brixx produced. Yields were heavier from more lumatic response in plants. All around healthier specimens that required us to excel the feed rates due to greater metabolism.

4ftx4ft Seedlings / Clones

King Plus 1500W Double Chips LED Grow Light Full Spectrum for Greenhouse and Indoor Plant Flowering Growing (10w Leds)

king led

4ftx4ft Vegetative / Flower

King Plus 1800W LED Grow Light Double Chips 10W Full Spectrum for Hydroponic Greenhouse and Indoor Plant Flowering Growing.

king led 1800

4ftx8ft Vegetative / Flower

King Plus 2000W Double Chips LED Grow Light Full Spectrum for Greenhouse and Indoor Plant Flowering Growing (10w Leds)

Mediums are a HUGE misleading when it comes to growing plants naturally and Truly organic. Soils like the 2 listed below have been put up against your favorite names and come completely sterile letting the nature of the earth derivatives do the amazement. Rockwool to Coco is full of is problematics that plants simply get raped from in their growing process robbing you of precious returns in overall quality and sugar content we found in all our testing.



Course Perlite (Use 50/50 for extra aeration that Roots Appreciate).

Microbeneficials provides our own system to get you away from the everyday practices and concepts. We have found a New way of Growing that has far exceeded our old practices and ways we thought was our final endeavor. The God we serve is truly never done blessing his servants looking to him for answers. When using Microbeneficials products DO NOT add anything from anyone else or you will not get whats expected and just could fry your plants and lead to disastrous results. These products are so concentrated we simply cannot get it more dense for you. If you are trying to do a run with synthetics you will have to go with this blog recipe for a hybridized integration with your Sythetics and Microbeneficials Additive Pack

All You Need for Every Stage of Plant Growing

Vegetative Grow Needs

Vegetative Plant Grow Base

Microbeneficials Paste for plants

Maganic Plant Magnesium

LAZARUS Super Magnifier

Uriah Super Carbohydrate Solution

NOA Ph Down Solution

NOA Ph Upping Solution

Flowering Grow Needs

Flower Grow Base

Magnesium Solution

Lazarus Magnifier

Uriah Carbohydrate

Phosphor|Cal Phosporous

PotaPrime Potassium

NOA Ph Down

NOA Ph Upping

Animal and human safe, Usable till the day of Harvest

Our Lazarus with Reservetrol is for extreme cases of mildew and should be used on a weekly basis if mildew issues are a nemesis in your area or garden. In normal situations our Standard Lazarus Version is plenty for most common issues from pests to root issues, Powdery mildew and many other you should try us on. Call us for any other questions.

LAZARUS™ Organic Plant Magnifier

LAZARUS™ Magnifier with Reservetrol

Maganic Magnesium Supplement

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