Lazarus™ Organic Nutrient Plant Additive (Click on Tabs to Open.)

Aloe, Angelica, Anise, Arrowroot, Barberry, Barley, Bee Pollen, Beet, Bhringari, Black Cumin, Black Mission Figs, Blueberry, Brahm, Bromalein, Butcher’s Broom, Cacao, Calendula, Camomile, Camu Camu, Cardamon, Chaga Mushroom, Chlorella, Comfrey, Coconut Flour, Coconut Embryo, Coconut Pulp, Coconut Palm Sugar, Cranberry, Cumin, Dhalia Pinnata, Dandelion, Duckweed, Echinacea Ang, Echinacea Pupa, Elecampane, Essiac Tea, Eucalyptus, Fennel, Ginger, Ginseng, Golden Seal, Graviola, Hemp Protein, Hibiscus, Hyssop, Indigo, Jasmine, Kola Nut, Lambs Quarter, Laurel, Lavender, Lucuma, Maca Root, Mandrake Root, Mangostien, Milk Thistle, Monk Fruit, Moringa, Muira Puama, Mushroom (Maitake, Reishi, Shitaki), Napal Catus, Neem, Nettle, Olive, Oregano, Pennyroyal, Peppermint, Pine Cone, Plantain, Purslane, Pygeum Bark, Red Clover, Rice Hull, Saigon Cinnamon, Sassy Frass, Shavegrass, Spilanthes, St. Johns Wart, Thyme, Watercress, Woad, Wormwood, Yucca.

Alaria, Atlantic Sargassum, Bladderwrack, Bull Kelp (Canada), Dulse, Hijiki, IKB Icelandic Blend. Irish Moss, Kelp (Rockweed), Kombu Kelp, Nori Organic Sushi, Pacific Sargassium, Sea Lettuce, Sea Palm (Pacific), Gigartina Papillata, Sea Fern (Cystoseirea osmundacea), Kelp Fronds (Nereocystis leutkeana).

Neem, Moringa, Almond, Fir Needle, Pine Needle, Siberian Pine Nut, Black Cumin, Baobab, Coconut.

Atapulgite, Bentonite, Israeli Dead Sea, Artic Circle, Illite Orange, Illite Tan, Jordanian, Morrocan, Red Lake, Redmond, Rhassoul, Rose Kaolin, Russian Cambrian, White Kaolin.

Icelandic, Reindeer and Snor Moss Atapulgite, Bentonite, Israeli Dead Sea, Artic Circle, Illite Orange, Illite Tan, Jordanian, Morrocan, Red Lake, Redmond, Rhassoul, Rose Kaolin, Russian Cambrian, White Kaolin.

Added Info

Lazarus Solves the Salt Buildups from Nutrients Commonly Used in Hydroponics and Soil gardening Environment. Nutrients that are Synthetic Contain Salts and Toxic Chemicals. Normally when fed to the Plants they Promise All the Greatest things in Growing Most times leading to Salts being left behind in the root zone. As Plants are Being Fed this Water Evaporates Leaving behind a Salinity and or Toxic Combination. This is Known as Nitrogen Fixation or Lockout Effect. This Effect gets More and More toxic by Feedings and Evaporation cycles. This Salt buildup or Lockout Eventually leads to Issues Like Root rot, Pytium, Powdery Mildew, Root Aphids, Spidermites, Gnats and a wole slew of other Issues in the Overall Quality in Harvest. Lazarus Starts at the heart of your Plants Immune System. Roots sitting in this Saltinated and Gaseous Fumes from Ammoniacle Nitrogen, Nitrate Nitrogen, Calcium Nitrate, Mono Potassium Phosphate, Triple Phos, and The Common Additives also like Potassium Silicate and Most other of the Additives Makeup. Lazarus is the First of it kind with over 15 years of solid Spiritual Development of the most Profound Ingredients and Results. We have seen the Powers in Across the board starting with Clones we put in a presoak that keeps them Erect with No Wilting or Shock, Powdery Mildew and mold or Pythium Issues. Clones Root Flawless without Embolisms or Loss. Flawless without any wilting.  Reducing your Nutrients up to 80-90% with amazing returns. Simply by Replacing those Toxins with Angstrom level probiotical Herbs, Kelps, Clays, Oils, Minerals and Tricontonal Fermentation Containing Zero chemical Derivatives. Powered by  Magnetic Ion Charge called a ZwitterIon Release. When applied to Rootzones Stay Luscious White even when Overwaterings occur. Plants Grow at an excelerated rate with Much more Vigor. When used on Bugs they flee as the Rich Herbal content Burn the Stomachs while actually Inducing the Immunal Levels. The Lazarus Magnifies everything it touches like a charge Power. So when you cut Back The chemicals they are Replaced wwith a powerpacked charge and onset like Viagra to Every Part of theBeginning and End result of any Program in Health, growth, Vigor, Size, Yield, Aromatics, Roots, Bug Control, Root Growth and also a Usual 2 Week early Harvest Cycle. We Have Precisely Dialed in the Charge of The Ingredients in Lazarus. For Nitrogen we Use a Variety Amino Acids. We Even Covered the Need for any additional Additives When Growing. Evenor Silica Made from the Purest of Quarts. The Same Kind in Fine Grade Computers. In the case Of Pest Issues we have found Just By Increasing the dose Abovethe Normal Dosings. You Need Very Little Solution to Work Wonders. If You want to Increase The Aromatics Lazarus and Uriah Do some Amazing Thing to be experienced to believe. Try Lazarus and see What your Missing.

  • Roots Clone Remarkable
  • Keeps Clones Extremely Healthy
  • Clones Never Wilt
  • Fights Molds and Pythium
  • Resolves Powdery Mildew
  • Less Failed Clones
  • Helps Root Finiky Genetics
  • Keeps Roots White and Thick
  • Resolves Overwatering
  • Roots Grow in Stagnated Water
  • Reduces Nutrients 80-90%
  • No Other Additives Needed.
  • Stems Get Thick
  • Internodes Tighten
  • Quadruples Flower Head Sites
  • Helps Mother Plants Recover 50% Quicker
  • Fights Powdery Mildew
  • Resolves Pythium
  • Cures Root Rot Quickly
  • Speeds up Growth
  • New Humidity Feeds Application
  • Makes Stems Solid
  • Preps Plants for  Sugar Development
  • Resolves Lockout Quickly
  • Fights Gnats
  • Hydroponics or Soil
  • Amazing in DWC Hydroponics
  • Hydroponic, Sterile & Soil Compatible


  • Reduces Nutrients Used 80-90%
  • Reduces Salts
  • Makes Plants Aromatic
  • Keeps Roots Epic
  • Huge Sugar Increase
  • Profuses Terpines
  • Can be Foilared in Flower
  • Great for Hardening Flowers
  • Cures Bud Rot
  • Resolves Root Rot
  • Fights Mildew
  • Many More Uses


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Uriah™ (Short, Medium and Long Chain Carbs W/Tricontonal (Click on Tabs to Open.)

Coconut Aminos, Fulvic (non acidic), Humic (non acidic), Yucca, Aloe, Coconut Vinegar, Kudzu Leaf, Acetic Acid Vinegar, Honey, Molasses Raw/Uncut, Coconut Syrup, Maple Powder, Chamase Rose, Tricantinol and a few more.

Added Info

Uriah is a profuse Multi Chain Carbohydrate Containing Extreme Concentrated Non Spoil Brixx Sugar Building Tecnology that Fattens and Hardens Flowers and Buds. We Use a Proprietary Blend of Short Medium and Long Chain Carbs that Absolutely Drive our AZOriah Microbial Biology Crazy. We Use Uriah as The Supreme Food source Unlike any Other Carbohydrate Sources. Our Uriah Is Highly Appreciated by Competition growers Wanting to Swell Flowers Beyond normal standards and Aromatic Dankness. Terpines and oil Production are the Sweetest Qualities of Our Uriah Science Try and see Why.
  • Used for Clones and Seeds Prep and Disease resistant Plant saps.
  • Ion-Powered Carbs
  • Plant Saps for Immunity Boosters
  • Pre builds Sugars for Flowering Plants
  • Tricontonal Infused
  • Used with Lazarus for Amazing Effects and Growth
  • Hydroponics and soil Compatible
  • Short, Medium and Long Chain Carbs
  • Multiple Tuned Carbohydrates Sources Outperform Molasses
  • Builds Density
  • Raises Brixx
  • Non Spoil Science
  • Extremely Increases Aromatics
  • Can be Foilared w/Lazarus
  • Hydroponic and Soil Compatible
  • Remarkable Results
  • Grow Outdoors on Lazarus and Uriah Only!
  • One try and See Why!

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AZOriah™Multi-Super Tuned Microbes Organic (Click on Tabs to Open.)

Contains 340,000,000 cfu’sBiological Species…….(Average 340 millon CFU/gram)

Azobacter ssp………………………..265 million CFU/g
Bacillus; amyloliquefaciens………356 million CFU/g
Bacillus; cerus………………………..265 million CFU/g
Bacillus; subtilis………………………265 million CFU/g
Bacillus; licheniformis………………378 million CFU/g
Bacillus; megaterium……………….265 million CFU/g
Bacillus; mojavensis………………..421 million CFU/g
Bacillus; Pumilus…………………….334 million CFU/g
Brevibacillus; laterosporus……….595 million CFU/g
Pseudomonas fluorescens……….265 million CFU/g

Added Info

AZOriah is a Huge leap in Microbeneficial Powders. We didn’t Just go Crazy looking for as many as we could fine. What we did is concentrate on the Most Proficient and powerful Combination of Bugs. These Super Concentrated Microbials Keep Roots White and Fluffy. Sitting with over 340,000,000 Colony Forming Units of Microbial Power. When Microbes are this strong Very Little Goes Along Way! As Little as an 1/8tsp per Gallon in Fact. One try and see why Most Beneficial Microbial Powders Never stand a Chance Against Microbeneficials Unprecedented AZOriah Microbes. One Try and see Why.
  • Can Be Used for Cloning
  • Makes Roots Explode
  • Keeps Roots White
  • Saves Money!
  • Scientifically Selected Microbes
  • Very Concentrated
  • Super Low Dosings
  • Works Great in Commercial Grow Ops
  • DWC, Hydroponics & Soil Compatible
  • Outperforms Competitors.
  • One Try Convincing

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