LAZARUS™ Organic Plant Nutrient Additive

Lazarus™ is an Organic Nutrient Plant Magnifier. From Roots to Harvest we will out perform best Known brands. Lazarus™ can be Used with any Organic or Synthetic Nutrients Gardening Application to Boost Health for Huge Money Saving Features. We Know you can expect almost 2 weeks Early Harvests, 80-90% Less Nutrient Use, No Additives Needed, Robust Thick White Furry Roots and a Cure to Root Rot, Powdery Mildew, Pests Control, and More.

  • 75Brixx Surge
  • 55More Density
  • 300Root Explosion
  • 85Magnified Aromatics

This includes a comprehensive makeup of Organic plant extracts and other liquid Nutrients. Through natural extraction, we have harvested live sea plants and land based plants are super concentrated into over a 3000 m/L of dense liquid. Lazarus™ is a new Magnetic activated bio-surfactant technology. Surfactant is a fancy word for soap. This super concentrate of plant juices and oils are combined, chelated and mixed with the surfactant precursors. Lazarus™ is unique in that its base elements contain pro-biotics. In addition to the nutrient dense extracts, additionally we inject a unique blend of pro-biotic sources, such as bat guano and worm castings.

Taking extreme care and using only natural cold processes, we remove all anaerobic bacterium and viruses to FDA and GRAS qualified levels. This allows the precursors and nutrient base to sync in perfect harmony in a pro-biotic environment.  Significant research has been discovering the plants (herbs) of the earth which provide a harmonious composition to the recipe. Out team Analyzed  over 1000 different herbs, and have settled on just over 200.  We went way beyond an A to Z list, as we have discovered a few rare plants known only to the indigenous.

Studying across the globe for the rarest and greatest mineral deposits on earth. We have located nine Amazing Ingredients. We Use the Very Popular Mineral called Azomite. Its a complex silica with an elevated ratio of over 70 trace minerals! We have located a rare Calicum source is one of the most unique ingredients in the developing of this super surfactant. Each source contains many trace minerals, and several being strong in silicas, humates and fulvates.

Some sources bring abundant ancient lacustrine biology to the harmonious mix! We have even secured mineral sources from volcanic deposits prominent with natural kimberlites and microscopic diamonds. Our search was comprehensive and robust, yielding even rare sea sourced minerals and soft pH neutral phosphorus clays!!! Truly, the unqiue factor is not in the rarity of our mineral sources.  It’s our manufacturing process where we utilize a natural cold process. This Process Break the solution down to the same size as a Red Blood Cell. Which is about the size of 10th of a Micron.

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