PASTE™ is a All-In-One Organic Plant Amino Growing Base that is absolutely Unique and amazing. Green plant from top to bottom with no lockout ever. This product is full of Essentials targeting Healthy White Roots, Super Vigorous Growth from Clone to Transition with Amazing Ease. Greatly reduces stretch and tightens inter nodes like crazy. People rave about how bugs and pests now have disappeared in their grows from our herbs and science. Also the internal delivery of a special group of carbohydrates set the stage for the most grandiose performance in competition quality fruits and florals to vegetables. Abilities are flawless from cloning, seedlings, to Mother plants with ridiculously fast recovery and no genetic detriments. Organically derived to Supersede the Expectations in Delivery and Purity of the absolutists finest and most prolifically advanced study of earth naturals for scientific ion charged jaw dropping performance in a jug. We have seen a blessed EARLIER HARVEST UP TO 1.5  –  2 Weeks when plants are flowered utilizing LAZARUS™ Organic Plant Magnifier and Uriah™ (Mega Brixx Multi-Chain Carbohydrates).

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