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Microbeneficials Rooting Solution ProfessionalsMicrobeneficials Organics Solutions

As Root Zone Professionals, Microbeneficials is dedicated to providing Grow Operations Super Concentrated Organic Nutrients and Additives that keep plants root zones healthy whether using Synthetic or Organic practices. It has been noted we have unleash Jaw dropping results in every product, Lazarus being our flagship product with Unprecedented powers especially great in Cannabis plants or Competition Gardening.

Ready for Results

We spent over 15 years on some of the most breathtaking Solutions in Organic Science with just under 300 ingredients with abilities like no other product. We often hear people say we have changed the way they garden and now save money and have alot less problems with better results.

Unbelievable Results

Lazarus, Uriah, Azoriah and Paste. and More can be found right here in the store.

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