Sep 5

URIAH™ Tricantonal Infused Carbohydrates

Our URIAH™ Tricantonal Infused Carbohydrates, is the holy grail in plant candy, we assembled an amazing microbial carbohydrate source that will not spoil or gunk in Hydroponics systems. A supercharged Plant carbohydrate with a total of 6 differing short, medium and long chain carbohydrates in the formula including the molasses = 7 When using Uriah expect Density and Aroma to be more pronounced than your typical molasses hydro products. Uriah is a Super unique blend of years of knowledge and scientific advancement. Unlike other carbohydrates we infuse many powerful Sugar Pumping Goodies along with organically fermented Tricantonal Science. You will not find a more robust set of Bulking flower agents this pure in power and performance anywhere. If you are Budding plants the LAZARUS™ Organic Plant Magnifier will make you and your fruits get the attention of the finest of markets for organic grown consumption. 

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